Frequently Asked Questions About Home Energy Audits & Assessments

Q: Why do I need to air seal, I thought all I needed to do was add more insulation?


A: Insulation is like a fuzzy wool sweater on a winter day. It will certainly keep you warm if the air is calm. But, if the wind picks up, you are going to need a windbreaker to keep the breeze from carrying away the heat. Air sealing is like adding the windbreaker. It keeps the conditioned air where it belongs.

Q: What exactly is an Energy Audit?


A: An Energy Audit is an assessment of how much energy your home consumes, combined with suggestions on how you can make your home more energy-efficient. An audit shows you where your house is losing energy, and how your insulation, heating and cooling systems, electrical systems and appliances, could be made more efficient.

Q: Why Get a Home Energy Audit?


A: When it comes to saving energy, most people think that buying new windows or a new heating system is the best way to make their house more energy efficient. Most people think that spending more always saves them more, but when it comes to energy related repairs and upgrades that's not always the case. Believe it or not, you can get more "Bang For Your Buck" by investing a few thousand dollars wisely than by buying new windows or upgrading your heating system.

Q: What happens during an energy audit?


A: Your energy audit will involve:

• A Blower Door Test

• Evaluation of existing energy equipment

• Evaluation of electrical system

• Evaluation of the building envelope and ventilation system

• Identification of thermal or air infiltration issues

• Location and report of energy savings opportunities

Q: What is the cost of an Energy Audit?

A: New offers and incentives change frequently, please contact us to take advantage of our current specials.


Q: How long does the Energy Audit Take?


A: The typical 2000-3000 square foot home takes between two and three hours. The size of the home, number of problems we find, the amount of information we review, and the number of questions you have will determine how long the inspection takes.

Q: How much money can I save?


A: Considering the fact that every house is different (size, age, location, etc.) it would be impossible to quote an exact figure. However, for a general idea of savings, the average U.S. homeowner spends $2,300 per year on energy bills. If your homes energy efficiency increased by 30 percent, you'd save nearly $700 per year on your utilities!