Save on Home Performance Measures

Before you make energy-saving upgrades to your home, find out if you qualify for special discounts through the ActOnEnergy® Home Energy Performance program. As program allies, we can help you determine your eligibility for the Act On Energy incentives.


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ActOnEnergy Maximum Incentives:


Air Sealing: Maximum $1,200

Prevent heating and cooling dollars from escaping through unseen cracks and gaps in your home.


Attic Insulation: Maximum $800

Inadequate insulation is a leading cause of energy waste in most homes.


Rim Joist Insulation: Max. $400

Insulating rim joists is another way to prevent energy loss.


Crawl Space Insulation: Max. $800

Don't forget your crawl space. This can be a source of energy loss if not insulated properly.


Wall Insulation: Maximum $1,200
Insulation decreases the heating or cooling needed by providing an effective resistance to heat flow.


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NOTE: We are a BPI Certified weatherization company and a registered program ally of the ActOnEnergy Efficiency Programs. We work with these programs to provide our customers the maximum discounts available for home energy improvements. Our home energy audits use the most scientific approach (blower door test, infrared, etc.) to discover heating and cooling losses in your home. Once these weak spots are revealed, our team goes to work insulating, sealing and repairing the troublesome areas, leaving your home energy efficient and saving you money.